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Avendale Cricket Club is the founder of the Avendale Sports Club, a sporting facility situated in the heart of one of the old townships Kewtown, in Athlone, a suburb in the city of Cape Town. 

It is an organised sports grouping comprising four sports disciplines, cricket, football, softball and table tennis.  The cricket club was the founder of the organisation, having been established in 1976.  This was as a result of an amalgamation of two cricket clubs, Avenirs established in Goodwood in 1910 and Ashtondale established in Crawford in 1906.

Due to the ravages of the former government’s Group Areas Act, both Avenirs' and Ashtondale's  membership dropped drastically due to the forced removals of families from the areas where they originated.  Despite these setbacks, Avendale continued to flourish and attracted membership from the densely populated area of Athlone.

The greater community which Avendale strives to serve in the background

Avendale Cricket Club

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